Contact the Chrysi Zymi customer call centre at 800 770 77 (no charge for calling within Greece).

Instructions for storing Chrysi Zymi dough and ready-made products:
In the refrigerator:  24 hours
In the freezer (**) -12oC: 1  month
In deep freeze (***) -18oC:  Up to date of expiry

Instructions for storing Chrysi Zymi Fresh Phyllo Dough:

Store in refrigerator (4-6oC) until date of expiry. The product must be used immediately after opening. The unopened product may be frozen before the expiry date and stored in the freezer (-18oC) for an additional 6 months. If frozen, defrost for 2 hours before using.

Absolutely not. All raw materials are listed on the back of our packages.

The defrosting instructions say the maximum time for refrigeration is 24 hours.

The instructions on each of our products always say whether defrosting is required. But in any event, you can phone 800 770 77 at no charge for calling within Greece for more information on the product you are using.

You could, but the ideal choice for making syrup-covered desserts is the Extra fine filo pastry for sweet pies which contains 17-19 very thin sheets like silk that absorb just the right amount of syrup.